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Steps to Follow to ensure Efficient Use of Your Band Saw

Do you have some level of satisfaction engaging in woodwork? Then with this in mind a band saw will certainly come in handy. Due to the range of tasks achievable using a band saw, good wood shops will make sure they have one for use. Band saws provide great technical ease when it comes to cutting curves and also allowing for other freehand cutting techniques not present with other saws. Again, they find great use in the resawing tasks. One could say band saws are different and the same taking into account the fundamental components are the same. First, there is a band of steel with steel that rotates on two wheels and through a table. It also has guides and bearings that hold the blade in position. Therefore, you place a board on the table and push it through the rotating blade. Let us now interrogate the use of a band saw.

Start your operations by cleaning the band saw. The cleanup operation will go on to influence the cut quality you get from your band saw. After the cleanup, start assessing the blade. The prevailing principle here is the right blade for the right job. Once you clearly define your project, your blade needs to match the task one for one. For a smoother or rougher cut, a change is necessary.

Next up, assess the elements that augment the blade, i.e., the blade guides and guard. The guides ensure that the blade is level and well held in place. The band saw will have two sets of this, with one set higher and the other set lower. If you desire a fine cut, then the guides must be relatively close to each other. The blade guard, on the other hand, should be close to the wood being cut. The last thing you need is an exposed blade running at crazy speed when making a small cut. Therefore, check its level before cutting starts.

Ensure that your band saw remains in an unplugged state when not in use. This will make it safer to clean and change blades, thus when ready for work, plug it in. Once cutting is done, proceed to unplug the band saw. It is wise to release the blade tension once you don’t intend to use the bad saw for some days. By doing this, you will keep your blade from getting overly strained and breaking prematurely. As well, clean your band saw as early as now in preparation for its use next time.

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