7 Anti-Mainstream Attractions in Singapore You Must Visit!

Singapore is a developed country in Southeast Asia that is still a favorite of tourists from abroad, especially from Indonesia. Because its country is fairly close, it supports that. In addition to distance, Singapore also has many famous tourist attractions that are certainly a pity if missed.

To see various famous attractions in Singapore, you can check directly through Traveloka and start to make a list of destinations. Traveloka is also offering a Traveloka promo code for your trip later. In addition to famous attractions, Singapore also has many anti-mainstream attractions. Are you curious? Here are some anti-mainstream attractions in Singapore for your holiday.

  1. Clarke Quay

One of the anti-mainstream attractions in Singapore is Clarke Quay. What is that? This is one of the most recommended places to enjoy the nightlife atmosphere in Singapore. Clarke Quay is right on the banks of the Singapore river with a large plate that reads Clarke Quay.

This place has many cafes, bars, and clubs to enjoy your evening. However, what distinguishes the Singapore club from the rest is the ban on smoking. In addition, you can also enjoy the city view using the River Cruise which will take you to Marina Bay and Merlion.

  1. Old Hill Street Police Station

The next anti-mainstream attraction is Old Hill Street Police Station. This is a historic building that was once the police station of the Singapore Police. The building has a total of 927 windows colored in rainbow colors.

Previously, the building was named MITA Building in 1999 which was later changed to MICA Building in 2004 and became Old Hill Street Police Station in 2012.

  1. Gillman Barracks Art Space

The other anti-mainstream attraction is Gillman Barracks Art Space. It is a contemporary art destination in Asia. The building has an exterior of about 6.4 hectares filled with various contemporary works of art.

This building is used to conduct exhibitions of artworks by famous painters and world-renowned works. The building was built in 1935 and the Gillman barracks name of the building is taken from the name of General Sir Webb Gillman who was a British army officer.

In addition, there is a Friday night art party held twice a month on a Friday night. You will see a variety of art exhibitions and amazing performances.

  1. Sting Alley

Sting alley is one of the anti-mainstream attractions that have an interesting scenic background. Sting alley is located in one Area at Universal Studio which presents a variety of interesting rides.

You can see various buildings from bricks that give a classic feel. This can also be used as the background of your photo because it seems Instagramable.

  1. Fort Canning Park

Next is Fort Canning Park which is a building that contains history, compassion, nature, and other interesting things. You will see a picture of the Malay kingdom in the middle ages when the British surrendered to Japan in world war two.

In addition, this place also sometimes holds the largest music activities. This place used to be … Read More..

5 Steps to Put a Halt to Deforestation

Trees are totally fundamental to life here on Earth, however they are likewise being obliterated at a disturbing rate. So many of the decisions we make over the course of the day while we’re shopping, eating, or in any event, driving, are fueled by deforestation. Trees are chopped and torched for various reasons. Backwoods are logged to supply lumber for wood and paper items, and to clear land for harvests, steers, and lodging. Different reasons for deforestation incorporate mining and oil abuse, urbanisation, corrosive downpour and out of control fires. Woods are one of the main biological systems on Earth. 80% of every single earthbound plant, bugs, and creatures call woods home. Almost 33% of individuals on the planet rely straightforwardly upon timberlands for their livelihoods.

Trees assist with directing the climate, channel water through their root framework, catch dust particles and toxins from the air and balance out soils against disintegration. They play out these imperative administrations similarly for everybody without considering nation limits or the size of your pay. ESG plays a very important role in this issue and for that we need to understand what is ESG?

What is ESG?

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance is an assessment of an association’s aggregate reliability for social and environmental elements. It is ordinarily a score that is accumulated from information gathered encompassing explicit measurements connected with elusive resources inside the undertaking.

1.  Plant a Tree

The most clear private strategy to battle against deforestation is to plant a tree. Planting a tree could be viewed as a deep rooted interest into the environment and your great emotional wellness.The chopping down of trees causes billions of huge loads of carbon dioxide (an ozone depleting substance) to be delivered out of sight. By planting trees, you are assisting with combatting a dangerous atmospheric deviation since trees assimilate carbon dioxide. You are likewise assisting with decreasing run off water from the slopes. Tree roots forestall avalanches and rock slides that occasionally can hurt creatures, individuals or harm structures. Planting and really focusing on trees is fundamental for the general wellbeing and personal satisfaction of the local area.

Trees are known for their psyche mitigating and recuperating properties. Simply strolling through the woods and taking a gander at the trees quiets our brain, mitigates stress and assists tired eyes with recuperating from strain.

2.  Lessen Your Paper Usage

2,000,000 trees are sliced each day to supply the paper interest of the United States.

Worldwide, 40% of all wood is utilized to make paper items, and the interest for paper increments by a few percent consistently. This implies that the paper business is as yet consuming an ever increasing number of trees.

Since the business has such a significant requirement for wood, it should not shock anyone that some piece of the lumber begins from unlawful logging.

In excess of 30% of wood utilised by paper plants in Indonesia, one of the significant paper makers on the planet, comes from illicit sources.

By printing … Read More..

5 Easy Tips for Eating Like a Local While On a Vacation

5 Easy Tips for Eating Like a Local While On a Vacation

Going on vacation is good, mixing with the people there is better, and getting to blend and eat like a local is the best. You sure don’t want to visit a place and be the odd one out. The fun of going on vacation is getting to mingle and fit in the social settings of your new environment.

There are maximum fun and unforgettable memories in going on vacation to a region whose culture and background differs from yours. If you intend to go on vacation and you have the intention of blending in and eating like the locals.  You can check several platforms that offer guidance and products that will help you in blending in on Collected.Reviews.

You can consider getting the best vacation plans by checking the reviews and feedback of customers who patronized them in the past.

The following are the easy tips for eating like a local while on a vacation:

1.   Do your research before you travel

A little bit of online research will go a long way in preparing you to eat and enjoy the indigenous food of the place you intend to visit. You can also read up to get a broad understanding of the culture of the area, the nature of the locals, their response to strangers, and the diversity of their delicacy. The knowledge of their various delicacies will help you choose the dish to look out for during vacation.

2.   Use online maps for restaurant suggestions

One of the best and easiest ways to eat like a local is to use online maps to check suggestions and recommendations from the restaurant. Locals are more likely to leave feedback and reviews on online maps, therefore; you can draw your conclusion on the best dish with their opinions.

3.   Learn some basic vocabulary

In order to reduce the language barrier between you and the locals, you can consider learning some basic vocabulary that will help you bond freely with the locals. Aside from that, learning the basic language will make the locals open up to you on the best dishes and how to properly eat them. Also, you can order food in the local language and this will reflect your care and respect for the country you are visiting.

4.   Join a food tour

Joining a food tour is a very effective way to learn to eat like a local on your first bite. Food tour gives you access to a tour guide who will show you the varieties of local foods and the most iconic local dishes.

5.   Ask a local

You want to get tested and proven information? Ask a local. You might want to consider learning their respect signs before approaching them because locals can only share food information with people that respect their culture.

Your vacation is not complete without having a bite of local dishes. Local dishes will grace your taste bud with new tastes and they will also add to your travelling experience.… Read More..

5 Tips for Saving Money on Food When Going on a Road Trip

How to Eat on a Budget While Traveling | Discover

With road trips, a whole different level of sightseeing is attained. As fun as road trips are, staying full while on a road trip can be a feat.

Eating while on a road trip requires a lot of planning and money. UK.collected.reviews has different opinions of people who patronized cheap car rentals for their road trips. One of the common grounds among these people for going cheap on their car rentals was saving more money for food. Getting enough food to eat while on the road trip can be very costly.

Here are some tips for you to save money on food while you’re going on a road trip.

·       Prepare food before your journey and pack along:

This should be an obvious tip. Before going on your road trip, you can prepare food that is portable and easy to eat without having to reheat or warm multiple times. By doing this, you save money on buying food along the way and also have food to eat for the first couple of days, maybe two days. You can also carry along leftovers from your home. This way, you’re saving money on food and avoiding wastage of food in your home.

·                         Prepare a budget:

Before going on a road trip, you need to plan all the steps you’ll be taking, decisions you’ll be making, places you’ll be visiting and so on. You should also plan all the money you will be spending on fuel, accommodation, food, miscellaneous expenses, etc. When creating your food budget, you have to pay extra attention to the things you will be doing. Create a budget based on affordable foods. After making the budget, you must follow it strictly with no deviation. This helps you save from spending spontaneously.

·                         Pack snacks: 

The urge to munch on something gets severely strong during road trips. Snacks are often the solution to this problem. This is why, before going on any trip, you should buy and pack as many snacks as you can. By doing this, you’re saving yourself from randomly stopping at a place to buy snacks spontaneously. You should also pack a variety of snacks to stop you from buying a type of snack simply because you want it and it isn’t in your stash.

·                         Purchase food items from grocery stores:

When on a road trip, seeing new fast food places and such delicious menus can be fascinating. However, buying one item off that menu can get you three from a grocery store. When planning on buying food items or even just indulging yourself, opt for a grocery store.

·                         If you have to eat out, go to a café:

There are so many fine restaurants worldwide. However, restaurants are usually highly-priced. So, if you have to eat out for any reason, go to a café. They are a lot more affordable. Road trips are an amazing type of journey. They don’t have to take a huge toll on your pocket, so follow these tips … Read More..

Ball Park Food

Food Recreation
Many of us have heard that sea-food excite the human senses or that walnuts and honey are the best aphrodisiac. 5. Calcium – as one of the key foods to building stronger bones, calcium is important to ensuring your bones are resilient enough to avoid fractures or bone diseases like osteoporosis. However, you must remember that you have to take the diet in combination with a dietary and lifestyle change, sometimes even medication.

The people worked hard, the Church forbade many forms of entertainment, but there were still leisure pastimes to help develop the growing history of leisure and recreation. A lot of people have limited incomes and the restaurants are a bit expensive these days.

This history of leisure and recreation goes far back in time, but leisure and recreation really took off when the Industrial Revolution hit Great Britain in the 1700s. The advantages for people who don’t have to work is they have enough time to spend with their families and friends for recreation and so forth.

Help your system further by taking in foods that are prepared healthy, avoid oil-soaked cooking, avoid fat-soaked frying, and avoid the grits in the frying pan so to speak. First and foremost, avoid the foods and drinks mentioned earlier as their acidity inevitably leads to acid reflux.


Food Recreation
Many of us have heard that sea-food excite the human senses or that walnuts and honey are the best aphrodisiac. The advantages for people who have to work even though they may not have enough time to for recreation with their families as far as going to a sit down restaurant is they can arrange time for this with their families and even their friends when they have time off work.

If the Industrial Revolution helped create the history of leisure and recreation, the 20th century helped cement it. Workers demanded shorter working hours, paid vacations and holidays, and weekends off, leading to even more leisure time for the world’s workforce.

However, jousting tournaments, hunting tournaments, and the earliest forms of chess, checkers, and other games developed during this time. You can simply avoid, as stated earlier, acidic food that causes the reflux. So in order to get to your job on time, it’s a lot quicker, and easier to just stop at a fast food restaurant such as, Mcdonald’s, or Burger king, to pick up breakfast on your way to the job.

Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation

Heartburn is one of the symptoms of acid reflux. Today, work and leisure are still strictly separated, but leisure time and recreation are some of the most important aspect of modern life, showing how the history of leisure and recreation has altered throughout time, and become increasingly popular as people gain more freedom from work and toil.

A lot of times people who have to work quite a bit only have the option of going to fast food restaurants rather then going to places to eat where they are spending time with their family, friends, … Read More..