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Useful Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing issues with your heat pump not working optimally you should endeavor to find what the problem could be. The heating system is made up of several components and one of them could be malfunctioning. In most cases the process of elimination will assist you figure out what the issue is.

If the thermostat in your heat pump is not functioning properly, it could be the reason that you are experiencing issues with your system. You should start by checking the settings on the thermostat to ensure that they are properly done. The heat pump must be receiving the indication that it is supposed to circulate heat. Likewise carry out a similar command if the system is not cooling properly.

You need to find out the conditions of fuses and breakers in troubleshooting the heat pump. If these two are malfunctioning, it can lead to power challenges. At this point go to the circuit breaker box in your home for the purpose of checking whether it is switched on. Consider replacing the fuses if they are blown.

The filter in your heat pump is the other place that you should focus your troubleshooting efforts if the above have not borne any fruits. if the filter is dirty your system will not work properly. The best solution in this case is to use a vacuum cleaner to clean. If the filter is extremely dirty the recommended solution is to purchase a new one.

Consider checking whether your heat pump contains debris as away of troubleshooting the issue with it. The outdoor unit will most likely not function properly in the presence of debris. Trimming the shrubs or grass that are close to the heat pump is a recommended solution to the problem.

If you are in a cold season there is a high possibility that the heat pump has gathered ice. The defrosting function found in the pump is able to handle that issue effectively. It is recommended to remove the ice on the coils as this could be the reason why the pump is not working.

If your fan is not operating correctly, it could be the cause for the heat pump not functioning. A technician can replace the motor if it is faulty. Never try to undertake an electrical repair if you are not qualified to do so. If the wires are loosely connected that could lead to the problem you are experiencing.

Sufficient oil is essential for the smooth operation of the parts of the heat pump. You need to put more oil in the right place that is indicated. Adjust the belts accordingly if there too tight or too loose.