Creating an Profitable Space in Hot Summer

During the dry season, the day will feel hotter and the sun will be more blinding. Especially for those who live in Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, UAE, or Australia or any other country with hot temperature. Indeed, you can use Air Conditioner in the house, but how about your outdoor Area? Like your car parking area, garden, and another outdoor of your house? The heat of sun not allowed you to sit at outdoor area as its harsh UV rays damage your skin, outdoor furniture, you cars and other storage items.

 When there is some problem there will always solutions this problem can be overcome installing an outdoor shade for your garden, car parking, or even swimming pool so you can also protect from heat and sunlight. There are many types of outdoor shade that you can use for your exterior part of the house, not only permanent one, but there is also rolling outdoor shade. Or you can also use waterproof canvas awnings to make your exterior protected from rainwater. Not only for protections, outdoor shades can also make a perfect addition and beautify your house. For more details, here are some uses of outdoor shades.

Shades for Car Parking Area

Car Parking Shades

Do you know that your vehicles, like car and motorcycle, are vulnerable to heat, cold and rainwater? Especially cars, of course you don’t want your car to rust on its body because it is often exposed to rain and heat, right? As said before, some countries with extreme hot temperature, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Australia, or other countries face this problem too much, mostly cars color will get fade in few years and also crack the dashboard and damage other interior parts of cars and other vehicles. To over this problem car parking shades are used that protect outdoor park cars from harsh sun UV rays. You can see some designs of car parking shades in Dubai that are manufacture by world top class fabrics like PVC, HDPE MESH Fabric, PTFE Fabric etc. these shading fabrics are very durable and provide complete protection to cars and maintain their life for long time.

Shades for Hotels and Resorts

Outdoor Shades

By using outdoor shades for you small or big restaurant, you can also protect your outdoor area so your customers can sit outdoor place easily and enjoy their meal at outdoor area comfortably and feel relax even in hot summer. For example, if you have a gazebo or an outdoor shade in your restaurant front side people will like to sit in your restaurant as everyone likes outdoor place in outdoor area.Adding these sun shades for your hotel and resort will also enhance the overall worth of your property.

Sunlight Protection for Backyard and Swimming Pool

Backdoor Shades

Some people may have a spacious backyard or even build their own swimming pool on the backyard of their home. Of course, the purpose of building a swimming pool is to freshen up the body when the temperature is hot. By build an outdoor shade on top of the swimming pool, you will get sunlight protection when swimming at the pool. You can also add some swimming pool exterior to beautify the swimming pool such as sunbed, table, and shade umbrella. You can check Some swimming pool shades designs at Palm Shades Website in Dubai that can help you to enjoy your swimming pool to its max.

Beautify Your Overall Home’s Design

Installing some shade for your indoor and outdoor will make your house looked even more beautiful. For indoor installment, you can place the shade on your window, it can help you to reduce the sunlight to enter your house and also beautify it. And for outdoor installment, you can place it on the backyard, parking lot, or if you have a garden you can also use it to protect the plants.


Outdoor shades are very much helpful for outdoor area and allow to sit at outdoor area and let you enjoy in your home garden or restaurant.  You can get these shades in all around the world by using door to door cargo services from Dubai or any other country Outdoor shades protect you from harsh UV rays that damage your skin and give protection to your outdoor products like Car & Vehicles, Outdoor furniture or any other outdoor product. These shades are highly recommended by the Cancer Organizations for reference click  here .