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The Main Cause as to why Co-working Spaces are not the Right Fit for Freelancers.

There not a lot of people who prefer working in co-working spaces. They feel these spaces are not right for them and the same case is true when it comes to freelancers. The main reason why most freelancers work from home is that they want to get their personal space. Here are reasons why most of the freelancers do not prefer co-working spaces.

One main thing about the co-working spaces is that they are for-profit organisations. It does not seem viable to work from the co-working spaces with your laptop. There is nobody who is going to allow you to work in their various offices free of charge. One thing to consider is that you cannot work in the co-working spaces for free. The only thing you can do with the co-working spaces is to rent them out for potential tenants. In the freelancing business, most people do not like spending money unless they are obligated to spending it. Most of the freelancers do not like renting the co-working spaces because it will require them to spend money. Most of the freelancers perceive this as an additional expense.

One disadvantage of the co-working space is that they are distracting. Sometimes working from home can be distracting, but working from a co-working space is very distracting. The main reason for this is that many businesses are taking place in the co-working spaces at the same time. All these activities are distracting when you want to focus on your freelancing work. Working from home is very convenient when you compare to working from a co-working space.

One common thing about freelancers is that they are introverts. These people prefer working from home where they can separate themselves from the outside world. This is the reason why freelancers do not like the co-working spaces because it lowers their productivity. The freelancers prefer an environment that is not distracting. Also, the freelancers prefer being in an environment that seems conducive.

The freelancers prefer working from home because they will not pay any tax. The government requires everyone working in the co-working spaces to pay a specific amount of tax. Review this post from Foko retail to know more on the taxes imposed on co-working spaces. This will give you an insight into the amount of money you will need to cough out when it comes to paying tax for the co-working spaces. The main reason why people like freelancing work is that you can go on breaks whenever you feel like. Working in a co-working space limits your break time. The co-working spaces are not cheap, which is the reason why most freelancers work from the convenience of their homes.