7 Anti-Mainstream Attractions in Singapore You Must Visit!

Singapore is a developed country in Southeast Asia that is still a favorite of tourists from abroad, especially from Indonesia. Because its country is fairly close, it supports that. In addition to distance, Singapore also has many famous tourist attractions that are certainly a pity if missed.

To see various famous attractions in Singapore, you can check directly through Traveloka and start to make a list of destinations. Traveloka is also offering a Traveloka promo code for your trip later. In addition to famous attractions, Singapore also has many anti-mainstream attractions. Are you curious? Here are some anti-mainstream attractions in Singapore for your holiday.

  1. Clarke Quay

One of the anti-mainstream attractions in Singapore is Clarke Quay. What is that? This is one of the most recommended places to enjoy the nightlife atmosphere in Singapore. Clarke Quay is right on the banks of the Singapore river with a large plate that reads Clarke Quay.

This place has many cafes, bars, and clubs to enjoy your evening. However, what distinguishes the Singapore club from the rest is the ban on smoking. In addition, you can also enjoy the city view using the River Cruise which will take you to Marina Bay and Merlion.

  1. Old Hill Street Police Station

The next anti-mainstream attraction is Old Hill Street Police Station. This is a historic building that was once the police station of the Singapore Police. The building has a total of 927 windows colored in rainbow colors.

Previously, the building was named MITA Building in 1999 which was later changed to MICA Building in 2004 and became Old Hill Street Police Station in 2012.

  1. Gillman Barracks Art Space

The other anti-mainstream attraction is Gillman Barracks Art Space. It is a contemporary art destination in Asia. The building has an exterior of about 6.4 hectares filled with various contemporary works of art.

This building is used to conduct exhibitions of artworks by famous painters and world-renowned works. The building was built in 1935 and the Gillman barracks name of the building is taken from the name of General Sir Webb Gillman who was a British army officer.

In addition, there is a Friday night art party held twice a month on a Friday night. You will see a variety of art exhibitions and amazing performances.

  1. Sting Alley

Sting alley is one of the anti-mainstream attractions that have an interesting scenic background. Sting alley is located in one Area at Universal Studio which presents a variety of interesting rides.

You can see various buildings from bricks that give a classic feel. This can also be used as the background of your photo because it seems Instagramable.

  1. Fort Canning Park

Next is Fort Canning Park which is a building that contains history, compassion, nature, and other interesting things. You will see a picture of the Malay kingdom in the middle ages when the British surrendered to Japan in world war two.

In addition, this place also sometimes holds the largest music activities. This place used to be … Read More..