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Top Jovial Countries

A happiness exploration was carried out by a local research institute that wanted to measure the happiness rate of countries all over the world and they came to find out that there are countries that are the most happy places to be. If you want to increase your attitude, moving to one of these places may do you a lot of good. The findings that were recorded after the research showed that 117 countries were ranked happy due to the immigration population and 156 countries according to their jovious level. 10 countries were found to portray high happiness levels.

Factors that promoted happiness were used so as to make the research narrowed and easy. To simplify the research the social support, income, trust, generosity, healthy life expectancy period and freedom of the citizens of a particular country had to be studied. After scoring 7.632 which was the highest score, Finland took the first position. Finland has a population of 5.5 million people who mostly can afford better standards of living, a good education system, better health care and also that the, majority of the people have faith in the police. Having a minor difference in the social security, Finlands level of happiness was greatly heightened. The Finnish citizen regardless of their wealth and assets remain happy.

Also Finland also homes the worlds happiest immigrants. With a score of 7.594, Norway took the second position from their initial place during previous researches. Norway is one of the worlds richest countries as it has a sovereign wealth fund of $1 trillion. Norwegians have a high life expectancy and also enjoy free healthcare and education and they have a small income gap. With a score of 7.55, Denmark come in third position. With a 100{23c80310ff64147702dd68b38f8bab137c0e061173bf4c29d53070e2cc6b747e} literacy rate and one of the smallest wealth gaps, Denmarks happiness level is ranked among the highest. The high life expectancy, good health care and protection of the environment are also some of the factors that lead to high scores for Denmark.

Having gunned 7.495, Iceland took the fourth place. Iceland was voted for being the most peaceful country in the world and also for promoting gender equality in 2018 during the economic forum. Having 7.487 point sees Switzerland taking the fifth position. The healthy economy, favorable taxes and the good infrastructure system of the country raised its standards. In regards to life expectancy, Switzerland comes in 2nd place as a healthy Swiss can live for up to an average age of 83 years. Scoring 7.441 was Netherlands and this made them appear number 6 in the worlds happiness research. The Dutch have a good flood defensive system in the world and also they are well educated and free to make their own life choices. Most Scandinavian countries dominate the list as they have a strong social security system and also high education levels.